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Healthy Breakfasts~ #Gluten-Free

February 26, 2013

It is always important to start your morning off right, so having a healthy, power packed gluten free breakfast goes a long way.  After a long night of sleep [okay, let’s be honest – we don’t always get that!] our body needs to refuel.  Putting breakfasts that are full of sugar and carbs and loaded with calories are not good for anyone, let alone kids who need the nutrition to grow properly  and function through the day.

Depending on work or school schedule, it may be a bit of time before you can snack again so that breakfast you have should tide you over until you can refuel.  One of my favorite breakfasts for tiding me over until lunch time is having quionoa flakes with fruit and yogurt [naturally gluten free], but there are so many more options! Gluten Free Quinoa #GlutenFree

Why not try  some buckwheat cereal or oatmeal, sprinkled with ground flax seed along with fruit, both can be served with yogurt, regular milk or almond/rice milk, for a healthy long lasting breakfast. Both are available gluten free and provide a healthier alternative to foods  high on the glycemic index.

Gluten Free Buckwheat #GlutenFree

These Low-GI foods are digested and absorbed slower, thus helping control appetite and delay hunger so they are great benefits to weight control too!

Lately, I have started my morning with a big bowl of fruit – seems to keep me going all morning! The fact that it is all naturally gluten free and tastes great is an extra bonus! 🙂 Glutenfree, #Gluten Free #Breakfast

What are your favorite breakfasts to keep you going?






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  1. not all yogurts are guaranteed gluten free, the starters are incubated on bread and there may be cross contamination when adding the starter to the milk

    1. True Ali, there are a couple here in Canada that are definitely gluten free, most plain yogurts usually are but you still have to check with the brand just to be safe. 🙂

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